[hobbit] Problem building Hobbit on a Solaris 10 zone - Summary/Resolution

John P Martin jmartin23 at csc.com
Thu Aug 14 17:09:30 CEST 2008

Hi again,
      The various replies set me thinking again.

The non-global zone is indeed a whole root zone.  However, the users home
directory filesystem /export is a loopback filesystem from the global zone,
so that users in all the zones share a common home directory structure.  I
was building the hobbit kit in a subdirectory of /export/home/user1.  I had
tried running the config/make sequence as both user1 and as root, both
failed as previously described.

As a result of the replies, I tried unpacking the kit in the root
filesystem, in /usr/local.  I ran the configure/make sequence as root (I
know, it's not best practice, but I was getting desperate) and it worked!

I don't fully understand why - I thought hte root filesystem in a
non-global zone was effectively a loopback filesystem similar to my /export
filesystem, but that's the only difference I can see between this and my
previous efforts.

I now have a problem with the make install, but that looks like a simple
library path issue, so back to trawling the mail archives for me :-)

Thanks again for all the contributions,



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