[hobbit] Status Icons

Sebastian spa at syntec.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 17:17:48 CEST 2008

s_aiello at comcast.net <mailto:s_aiello at comcast.net> wrote:
> On Monday 11 August 2008 12:25:11 Josh Luthman wrote:
>> I really think we need to make the difference between the 24h time
>> period. They're barely noticeable right next to each other.  Maybe
>> make the older changes animate? 
> The *-recent icons are animated, they pulse (shrink in size, grow in
> size, pause, repeat). I animated the *-recent so that your eye would
> be drawn to an report that had recently changed status. So even if
> the status is green, people would ask, ".. Oh something happened
> there", and dig into it. In my configuration the BBGENOPTS is set to
> "--recentgifs=2h" instead of 24h. My hope is that the Hobbit display
> page's majority of icons are the not animated. A page full of
> animated icons would be visual chaos. 

Of course everyone is likely to have a differing view on this, but mine is
that status changes that are over x minutes old and less than y minutes old,
where x may be around 5 or 10 minutes to weed out flapping and service /
server restarts and y may be 24 hours, are the most likely to require
attention.  Therefore it is this time range (configurable) that would be
most useful to have the animated icons.  So this probably means that 3 sets
of icons would be best! (Less than x minutes, greater than y minutes and
between the two.)


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