ignore log lines problem

Christian Gydesen cg at kailow.dk
Wed Aug 13 13:14:46 CEST 2008

In my hobbit (4.3.0-0.20080403) setup I am receiving messages from a windows server via BBWin(0.12).
My problem is that I keep getting all the "eventlog security" success lines, which is a massive amount of lines, leading to truncated messages in hobbitd.
I have raised the size of MAXMSG_STATUS and MAXMSG_CLIENT, but I would like to get the ignore statement to work. I have tried to avoid getting the "success lines" with this setup:

The bbwin configuration is set to central:
<setting name="mode" value="central" />
<setting name="configclass" value="win32" />

The hobbit-clients.cfg have:
        LOG %.* "%error - .*" COLOR=yellow
        LOG %.* "%failure - .*" COLOR=yellow

client-local.cfg have:
ignore success

I can see that this info is delivered to the BBWin client in the file [bbwindir]\tmp\clientlocal.cfg, with “unix carriage return” at each line. No errors in the BBWin.log.

Is it a bug or am I missing some configuration? other subjections?


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