[hobbit] Skinned Hobbit (eww) discussion

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There has been some discussion over the years but I don't think anything significant.  I've always liked the idea of a "brandable" hobbit.  We could then add a new "themes" section to The Shire. :-)

It would be nice if you could just point to a theme folder or maybe just symlink www to a theme.  If you could write up a tutorial on what you did that could go up on The Shire...that'd be awesome.  It'd be really awesome if we could make it brandable to the sub-page level for those of us who monitor multiple customer's sites.


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With all the discussion about icons, I figured I would open another can-of-worms (so to speak).

I don't know if this has been discussed before (I could not find anything in my searches).  As part of getting buyoff from managers we changed the look of hobbit to be a little less "dark".  We only make one change to the code (to make highlighting of the line work), all other changes were to the web/www files.

Major Changes:
 - Moved menu down to make room for 'company banner'
 - changed colors (background/font/etc)
 - Removed background (we were annoyed by the "blink" everytime the screen refreshed)
 - Added status "line" between company banner & menu, also below the footer.
 - Added highlight function: highlights line that mouse is over
 - changed icons
 - changed footer

I wanted to see what others thought of our effort.  Also, I wanted to see if others think it would be worth the time to make hobbit 'skins' (never really cared for that term).

I am willing to help in any effort.

See attached. (sanitized version).

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