[hobbit] Skinned Hobbit (eww) discussion

s_aiello at comcast.net s_aiello at comcast.net
Mon Aug 11 19:48:28 CEST 2008

On Monday 11 August 2008 12:57:38 Robert Holden wrote:
> With all the discussion about icons, I figured I would open another
> can-of-worms (so to speak).
> I don't know if this has been discussed before (I could not find anything
> in my searches).  As part of getting buyoff from managers we changed the
> look of hobbit to be a little less "dark".  We only make one change to the
> code (to make highlighting of the line work), all other changes were to the
> web/www files.
> Major Changes:
>  - Moved menu down to make room for 'company banner'
>  - changed colors (background/font/etc)
>  - Removed background (we were annoyed by the "blink" everytime the screen
> refreshed)
>  - Added status "line" between company banner & menu, also below the
> footer. - Added highlight function: highlights line that mouse is over
>  - changed icons
>  - changed footer
> I wanted to see what others thought of our effort.  Also, I wanted to see
> if others think it would be worth the time to make hobbit 'skins' (never
> really cared for that term).
> I am willing to help in any effort.

that  is very impressive and looks very clean.  as to skinning, henrik had 
mentioned in a past email thread that bbgen, the piece of hobbit that 
generated html, is not the most updated piece of hobbit. that people were most 
welcomed to create their own web 'frontend' to hobbit. i believe that thread 
then moved into the configuration files of hobbit, since bb-hosts defines both 
hosts to be monitored and the display layout. talk of how to reorganize hobbit 
configuration files ensued and the topic fizzeled out. i think henrik mentioned 
that he was considering a change in bb-hosts or how hobbit is configured, and 
if a 3rd party person was to write a alternative web interface, the configs 
would really need to be nailed down first.

as to your skin the only piece i would really miss is the background page 
color. seems yours is always white. maybe change the top blue swirly image to 
different colors.. dun know.

-= excuse lack of caps, vmware messes up my keyboard =-

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