[hobbit] Status Icons

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Mon Aug 11 19:17:05 CEST 2008

On Monday 11 August 2008, s_aiello at comcast.net wrote:
> Ok,
> Figured I break this out into a separate thread, to get all ideas and
> thoughts about possible icons sets. Now in the past I put together a set,
> can be found on TheShire. I am not pushing it, just restating since I see
> alot of comments that this set applies to; color-blind friendly, corporate
> friendly, recent icons attract the eye. So this is what is presently
> available if you want them. I am not sure of the state of the archive on
> TheShire, I have created a few new icons for a special project. If there is
> interest, I can create a complete icon set (some are missing, they aren't
> used much; circle with question mark in it). I have included a screenshot
> in this email to give you a sampling. Also, I think past feedback suggested
> the pulsing might be better if slower, again if there is interest I can
> implement that & provide an update icon set archive.
Some thoughts.

Green is ok, so a static icon is fine: keep the smiley.

Red / Orange is bad, so a pulsing or changing icon for atracting attention.  A 
red smiley with the shape like the stop road sign pulsating to an X.  An 
orange smiley with a triangle shape plusating to a - or _.  Red pulsating 
faster then orange.

For the other colors, the shape is not that important.

Who knows a good program for creating animated icons for linux ?


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