[hobbit] monitoring of server itself

Rafal Roginela Rafal.Roginela at AmeriCashLoans.net
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I had the same issue when I installed from RPM's in my case, the actual
server was installed but not the client. Hobbit client needs to be
installed on the local server to monitor those things. The RPM's I used
separated the client and server and I had to install both to get it to
work. But this behavior is different when you install from source I
believe. Hope this helps.


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From: Johan Booysen [mailto:johan at matrix-data.co.uk] 
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Subject: [hobbit] monitoring of server itself


I've now installed hobbit on the production server, and added the
clients.  Everything looks ok, but the server (defined by default as
localhost in bb-hosts) does not seem to monitor its own cpu, disk,
memory, ports and processes.


I'm pretty sure my test lab server monitored those by default.  Or is
there anything specific one should do on the server itself?  I may have
confused myself...



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