[hobbit] monitoring logs

Johan Booysen johan at matrix-data.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 16:51:06 CEST 2008

Are you sure (not that I'm in  a position to question anyone else's
knowledge about hobbit..)?


hobbit-clients.cfg says:


Example: Go yellow if the text "WARNING" shows up in any logfile.

                  LOG %.* WARNING COLOR=yellow


So I thought it could be a simple text string...


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somestring has to be a regular expression (which i know nothing about),
but %Relay works for me.




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	I'm trying to get hobbit to monitor /var/log/messages for
specific entries ("somestring" in my example below) on server1.


	In hobbit-clients.cfg I've added (above DEFAULT):



	        LOG /var/log/messages somestring COLOR=red


	And in client-local.cfg, I've added:




	  ignore MARK


	My understanding is that server1 should now collect data from
/var/log/messages, and the hobbit server will then, if it finds
"somestring" in the log file, flag it as red in the msgs column.


	I can now see the entire log for server1 on the web interface,
but the msgs icon doesn't change to red.


	What am I missing?


	Also, does any of the defaults in client-local.cfg  match RHEL5
machines, e.g.



	ignore MARK






	ignore MARK





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