[hobbit] Why the next Hobbit release hasn't happened yet

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Subject: Re: [hobbit] Why the next Hobbit release hasn't happened yet

> On Thursday 31 July 2008 18:02:39 Henrik Stoerner wrote:
>> It would obviously be good to have more people involved in the
>> programming.  One roadblock for this has been that the source code has
>> not been available in a public repository. That is about to change;
>> I am working on setting up a Subversion repository for the Hobbit code
>> on SourceForge. I am currently testing a dump/import of the RCS modules
>> into Subversion, and if that looks to be OK I'll upload it to Sourceforge
>> tomorrow. So by Monday, this should be available to anyone who wants to
>> hack Hobbit. Documentation on how you use SVN (Subversion) on Sourceforge
>> is available at SF(3).
>> One thing that has made me very happy is that the support available on
>> the mailing list apparently works quite well even when I am not around.
>> It is a great relief for me to see how helpful this community is; you
>> really are an important part of this project.
> In order to aid contribution while not compromising support, would it be
> worthwhile to have a development mailing list?
> (I have some questions to ask etc., but I would prefer not to ask them on 
> the
> normal list).

Asking Henrik to create another developer on the mailman server he hosted or
post your developer question here 

But we better agree on same place we developers can interact.

> Regards,
> Buchan
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