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Johan Booysen johan at
Fri Aug 8 12:33:37 CEST 2008

I'm new to hobbit monitor, and trying to set up host-specific settings
in hobbit-clients.cfg on the hobbit server.  At the moment I want to do
a simple test, so that default settings apply to all clients except for
server1 for which I want to use other disk space parameters:


In hobbit-clients.cfg I have:



        # These are the built-in defaults.

        UP      1h

        LOAD    5.0 10.0

        DISK    * 90 95

        MEMPHYS 100 101

        MEMSWAP 50 80

        MEMACT  90 97



 DISK    * 95 99


However, server1 still applies the default settings for DISK.  I've
reloaded the hobbit service so it rereads its config files, but after
about 30 minutes the changes still don't seem to have taken effect.


I've followed the instructions on the hobbit-config.html help page, but
think I may be missing something.


Any advice on this?



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