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Roberts, James James.Roberts at
Thu Aug 7 11:22:20 CEST 2008

I am getting so annoyed...
Have added this line in the defaults section of  localclient.cfg
FILE  /etc/hosts YELLOW noexist
And have added


Into client-local.cfg..

And although /etc/hosts exists I am still showing green???

The client data shows..

type:100000 (file)
mode:664 (-rw-rw-r--)
owner:0 (root)
group:0 (system)
clock:1218100844 (2008/08/07-10:20:44)
atime:1218100839 (2008/08/07-10:20:39)
ctime:1213367146 (2008/06/13-15:25:46)
mtime:1213367146 (2008/06/13-15:25:46)

So why isnt my alert going yellow?
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