[hobbit] Simple hobbit-clients.cfg Q.

Tim Grzechowski tim.grzechowski.osv at fedex.com
Wed Aug 6 19:02:37 CEST 2008

This is the "new" version.  The only difference is that we changed the
"fabric_worker_manager" from red to yellow.

                  UP      15m
                  DISK    /                       90      95
                  PROC    fabric_keeper           1               red
                  PROC    fabric_worker_manager   1               yellow
                  PROC    portmap                 1               red
                  PROC    nfs                     1               red
                  PROC    sshd                    1               yellow
                  PROC    hobbitlaunch3

Yet it is still showing up on all the display pages as "red"


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Tim Grzechowski wrote:
> We had a proc we were watching that was originally red.  We have since 
> decided that this really is not a red condition for us and should be 
> only a (yellow) warning.
> After making the changes in hobbit-clients.cfg and saving the file.  
> Starting/stopping the hobbit server (several times) over the last 
> week.  The proc continues to show red.

What was the line before and what is it now?



> How do I re-set this parameter?
> /tg

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