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On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 12:56 PM, Joshua Krause <forums at triadbiz.rr.com>wrote:

>  What are the limits of data that is sent to hobbit via a script?  I have
> thrown together a perl script that grabs data from a file and then sends to
> hobbit in a table format.  At first I was trying to send the table with a
> kinda of pretty html format so that when you goto a view source it was
> easily readable.  Well that wasn't working cause the file wasn't getting
> updated in hobbit.  I piped the output of the script to a text file and and
> did a line count on it.  It had about 4000 lines in the file that was being
> sent to hobbit.  So I took all the lines returns away and made it all one
> line and it gets to hobbit now.  But I am wanting to get a little bit more
> in there with graphing and didn't know if I was needing to look at a line
> limit that hobbit is able to accept.

Dunno about line limits, but there are some byte limits mentioned in the
hobbitserver.cfg man page


For example:
     MAXMSG_STATUS The maximum size of a "status" message in kB, default:
256. Status messages are the ones that end up as columns on the web display.
The default size should be adequate in most cases, but some extension
scripts can generate very large status messages - close to 1024 kB. You
should only change this if you see messages in the hobbitd log file about
status messages being truncated. Does the log show any messages being

Ralph Mitchell
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