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Joshua Krause forums at
Tue Aug 5 19:56:33 CEST 2008

What are the limits of data that is sent to hobbit via a script?  I have
thrown together a perl script that grabs data from a file and then sends to
hobbit in a table format.  At first I was trying to send the table with a
kinda of pretty html format so that when you goto a view source it was
easily readable.  Well that wasn't working cause the file wasn't getting
updated in hobbit.  I piped the output of the script to a text file and and
did a line count on it.  It had about 4000 lines in the file that was being
sent to hobbit.  So I took all the lines returns away and made it all one
line and it gets to hobbit now.  But I am wanting to get a little bit more
in there with graphing and didn't know if I was needing to look at a line
limit that hobbit is able to accept.





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