[hobbit] Migrate hobbit data

Roberts, James James.Roberts at hants.gov.uk
Tue Aug 5 14:54:27 CEST 2008

ok sledgehammer at the ready....what's the work around?


From: Everett, Vernon [mailto:Vernon.Everett at woodside.com.au] 
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Yes, but with a caveat.
If you change architecture, your rrd files might not survive.
If you go like for like e.g. x86 to x86, you should be fine.
However, you will have problems if you migrate from X86 to Sparc, or
There is a workaround, but I would rather have my head set on fire, and
put out with a sledghammer.
If you are going to the same OS, and the same hardware, then it's full
steam ahead, and f*** the icebergs.
Make sure your new server has all the prerequisites for Hobbit
Install Hobbit. Check it starts, then shut it down.
Now simply shut down the old Hobbit installation, copy the data and
config files, and start up the new one.
Your data will include ~/server/etc
And /wherever/you/put/hobbit/data
Don't forget any custom scripts in ~server/ext
Make sure the clients are pointing to the new server.
The easiest way is to change the IP address of the new server to look
like the old.
Failing that, change DNS or host lookup to point ot the new server.
You should then be back in business.


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Subject: Re: [hobbit] Migrate hobbit data

a very good entry for FAQ or HOWTO if it is not already in hobbitmon
wiki site.

From: Roberts, James <mailto:James.Roberts at hants.gov.uk>  
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Subject: [hobbit] Migrate hobbit data

I am planning to move my hobbit server install to a new server... 

If it possible to migrate all the data from the old install to the new

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