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Meyer Jerome Jerome.Meyer at baldata.ch
Mon Aug 4 10:37:22 CEST 2008

Hi all

Ok, i'm going further with Hobbit! I've read documentations and configured one server and three clients... However, I've questions about some configuration :

files status
I've configurated hobbit-clients.cfg and the client-local.cfg but never appears in Hobbit, what's wrong?

        UP 30min
        LOAD 6.0 12.0
        DISK /var/log 85 95
        DIR red size>500K TRACK
        FILE /usr/local/sbin/test.txt red size<100K TRACK
        FILE /usr/local/sbin/linux_logfile.log TRACK


One client's has a graph for disk columns but a another one has no graph! Where could be the problem because both have same configuration!
How could I enable the graph in the procs columns?

Thanks a lot for your help...

Best regards

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