client over-ride of tests processed on server, vmware esx

Sean Jensen-Grey seanj at
Sat Aug 2 19:55:55 CEST 2008

This post is about how to modify the [cpu] test on a per client basis.

I am new to Hobbit. I have developed some extra client side tests that I
have successfully used to log up to the server.

My question is about the cpu column on the hobbit web display. I see that
this test result is processed from the top output as sent by the 

client/hobbitclient-$ script

On the client side,


sends the data to the server, which is then parsed and turned into what
would look like a [cpu] test from the client.

I tried sending my own [cpu] test to hobbit. But it would not show up. I
changed the test name to 'xcpu' and I get an extra column. So I was
sending it properly.

If I have a couple hosts where I would like to send my own test results
for existing columns that are processed on the server, where would I
configure that? Is it even possible?

I traced through hobbit server source for where some of this data is processed,
 hobbitd_client but couldn't immediately grok the configuration.

I am developing custom tests for measuring cpu/memory and disk for
vmware esx server.

The problem with the cpu test is that top only esx only returns the load
and processes from the host os, not the clients. We would like to get
the stats for the whole machine. This is available through the `esxtop`
program, but the outputs are very different. It would take a couple days
to transform

esxtop -b -n 1 > output.txt

Into the same output as regular top.

Currently I have some python code that parses the output of the esxtop
command and supplies back the color and message to the server. I would
like my tests _in place of_ the tests displayed on the server for my esx


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