[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name changewill happen

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Sat Aug 2 14:37:29 CEST 2008

On Friday 01 August 2008 17:54:33 Tim Grzechowski wrote:
> Going with Darren's theme, and as hswn.DK is a top level domain for
> Denmark. I will have to assume Henrik Stoerner is Danish, or at least in
> Denmark.
>    watchful ....... vågent (org open)
>    guardian ....... vogter (com/net/org open)
>    openguardian ... åben (abenvogter com/net/org all open)
>    aware .......... bevidst (com/org open)
> Not sure how well google translator is, hell I have a hard enough time with
> Engrish,  ;)  ....but that is what it spit out.
> I like the first one.  But don't know how the word sounds in Danish.  Plus
> he can spin it as "V Agent" for us those that hack the Kings language.
> Victory Agent, Verbose Agent, Vicious Agent... whatever.  Or don't even
> explain it.
> I agree that it would be easier to push a more "corporate friendly" name
> though.
> Not that I have anything against hobbits, or short people in general.  I
> hardly notice them in fact.
> /tg

I really have no opinion one way or another..  a name is a name is a name, it 
is what the software does that is important to me. Normally when I have to 
pick a name for anything, it is the simplest of names that best conveys the 

The group I work with have pretty much always used the same name for 
monitoring, regardless of the monitoring engine being used. Of course we have 
only used BigBrother and now Hobbit. But I figured I would share, that our 
monitoring is called 'watcher'. Sweet and simple.  I even created s simple 
little logo that appears at the bottom of the web pages, an eye. The color of 
the iris changes to whatever the color of the web page. The eye seemed to fit 
well with the Watcher name & the hobbit name ;)

I think I mentioned the eye logo to Henrik a while back, if he wanted it. Same 
goes for ya'll. It isn't fantastic but looks good ( at least in my opinion ). 
I attached a quick contact sheet of the eyes if you are curious.

So my 2 cents, do with it what ya will,

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