[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name changewill happen

Tim Grzechowski tim.grzechowski.osv at fedex.com
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Going with Darren's theme, and as hswn.DK is a top level domain for Denmark.
I will have to assume Henrik Stoerner is Danish, or at least in Denmark.

   watchful ....... vågent (org open)
   guardian ....... vogter (com/net/org open)
   openguardian ... åben (abenvogter com/net/org all open)
   aware .......... bevidst (com/org open)

Not sure how well google translator is, hell I have a hard enough time with
Engrish,  ;)  ....but that is what it spit out.

I like the first one.  But don't know how the word sounds in Danish.  Plus
he can spin it as "V Agent" for us those that hack the Kings language.
Victory Agent, Verbose Agent, Vicious Agent... whatever.  Or don't even
explain it.

I agree that it would be easier to push a more "corporate friendly" name

Not that I have anything against hobbits, or short people in general.  I
hardly notice them in fact.


Note: I verified the domains with a whois, so they could be awfully

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I was sat here thinking surely they didn't invent the word hobbit. I know
what a hobbit is from my days of role playing (sorry I had to admit it) but
- Nuts!

Just read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobbit_%28word%29 and you will
discover they do actually hold a trademark on the name. So there is
definitely no going back now.

I do agree with a few of the other comments and that of my colleague,
Francois, that maybe we should consider a more professionally acceptable
name that would assist in its 'saleability' to those in power.

I did like hobbit and accept hobbitmon as an alternative but only because
it is easy.

Maybe something completely different is in order - lets look at some
thesaurus words:

Synonyms:  adviser, check, control, counsellor, device, guard, mentor,
observe, police, reminder, survey, track, warship, watch

Synonyms:   Argus-eyed, alert, aware, on the qui vive, surveillant,
vigilant, watchful, wide-awake

Synonyms:   espial, lookout, observation, spying, stakeout, track, vigil,

I was also looking for the word open in the thesaurus and eventually got
linked to the word honest. Then I though what about honestmonitor - bit
cheesy but could fit the bill and the .com and .net are available.
and then...
openguardian (.com & .net available)
openguard (.net available - .com gone)

I will stop now


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