[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name changewill happen

Darren.Cotton at ses-engineering.com Darren.Cotton at ses-engineering.com
Fri Aug 1 18:23:41 CEST 2008

I was sat here thinking surely they didn't invent the word hobbit. I know
what a hobbit is from my days of role playing (sorry I had to admit it) but
- Nuts!

Just read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobbit_%28word%29 and you will
discover they do actually hold a trademark on the name. So there is
definitely no going back now.

I do agree with a few of the other comments and that of my colleague,
Francois, that maybe we should consider a more professionally acceptable
name that would assist in its 'saleability' to those in power.

I did like hobbit and accept hobbitmon as an alternative but only because
it is easy.

Maybe something completely different is in order - lets look at some
thesaurus words:

Synonyms:  adviser, check, control, counsellor, device, guard, mentor,
observe, police, reminder, survey, track, warship, watch

Synonyms:   Argus-eyed, alert, aware, on the qui vive, surveillant,
vigilant, watchful, wide-awake

Synonyms:   espial, lookout, observation, spying, stakeout, track, vigil,

I was also looking for the word open in the thesaurus and eventually got
linked to the word honest. Then I though what about honestmonitor - bit
cheesy but could fit the bill and the .com and .net are available.
and then...
openguardian (.com & .net available)
openguard (.net available - .com gone)

I will stop now


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