Alerting naming limitation

James Wade jkwade at
Fri Aug 1 17:04:21 CEST 2008

I have a strange problem on alerting.
I have windows pages going to a windows admin.
However, he got a page from a unix box last night.
I have all his hosts explicitly listed so he should
not have gotten the page.
The machine names are similiar, and I'm not using
any "regular expressions" for him, just the hostnames.
So, I was wondering if hobbit had a character limit on
host names. 
mysadw002  is a windows server
mysadu002   is a unix server
Only the "w" and "u" denote if its a windows or unix server.
I have mysadw002 listed for him to get a page on.
He received a page last night for mysadu002.
Thanks for the help...James
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