Implement bb in perl

Joshua Gatcomb joshua.gatcomb at
Fri Aug 1 16:09:25 CEST 2008

For an insane reason beyond my control, it would be advantageous to me to
re-implement the bb client executable (send single message to Hobbit) in

I have looked at bb.c which includes libbbgen.h which includes sendmsg.h etc

While I know I could eventually get through all the C, it would be easier
for me if there was a design document explaining the client message format.
Then using the man page on bb, I could just implement it from scratch.

Does anyone know if alternatives to the compiled bb executable exist
(preferrably one in perl)?

Does anyone know if a design document that explains the message format or is
the source the reference?

Does anyone have any pointers for the best way to go through this exercise
of insanity?

Joshua Gatcomb
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