[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name change will happen

Dan Simoes dan.simoes at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 16:02:01 CEST 2008

How about h0bbit?
(that's a zero, not an O)
Don't think that would work for a domain though.

Otherwise, I vote for hmon (hobbit monitor) or hsmon (Henrik Stoerner's
Both are available as .org domains.


On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 9:30 AM, Henrik Stoerner <henrik at hswn.dk> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> some lawyers behind the movie company that produced the "Lord of the
> Rings" trilogy have contacted me about using the name "Hobbit" for the
> Hobbit monitor project.
> Fortunately, it seems that these people are actually quite sensible.
> They just want to make sure that there is no risk of anyone assuming
> that the "Hobbit monitor" has anything to do with the books, movies,
> merchandise etc. that they produce.
> So they've suggested that beginning with the next release, "Hobbit
> monitor" is renamed to either "Hobbi monitor" (without the 't'), or
> "H.O.B.B.I.T. Monitor" . Or something else, but they want to know
> if I pick something else.
> The full correspondance can be seen at
> http://www.hobbitmon.com/hobbitdocs/legal/
> My current preference is to use the "H.O.B.B.I.T." version;
> this is most like the current name, and it would also fit
> with all of the current URL's used for various Hobbit functions (e.g.
> the "hobbitmon.sf.net" project page). I'm going to write the lawyers and
> get a definite OK that I can use "hobbitmon" in URL's and such;
> I doubt that I can get Sourceforge to accept a project named
> "h.o.b.b.i.t." since that would probably cause havoc with the DNS
> entries ...
> But I'd like to hear if there are other suggestions or opinions.
> Regards,
> Henrik
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