[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name change willhappen

Everett, Vernon Vernon.Everett at woodside.com.au
Fri Aug 1 03:52:01 CEST 2008

Hi all
If I could add my 0.02 worth of local currency, how about a complete
break from Hobbit and/or fantasy creatures.
As a consultant, Hobbit is one of the products I always try and push
with clients.
I do the install, provide support and write additional monitoring
scripts where they are required.
However, one issue I have encountered, is the difficulty I have in
getting CIOs and other senior members of management to take a product
called Hobbit seriously.
"What's in a name?" you say, and I agree with you, but we are talking
PHBs here.
For some reason, Patrol, Nagios, MSM, Zenoss, and all the other names
appear to "inspire confidence". 
Hobbit? Some people just refuse to take it seriously.
Maybe they associate Hobbits with childrens fantasy, I don't know, but I
have had push-back from at least 2 major clients based purely on the
I am talking about 2 corporate clients that had no monitoring, and
wanted to look at monitoring products, but refused to look at Hobbit
because of the name.
It wasn't an aversion to open source, because Nagios was on the table,
but suggest Hobbit, and PHBs snigger, and ask if it's a fantasy product,
or has hairy feet, or also comes up short, or some equally silly
I know this is completely unjustified, because I know Hobbit is a
superior product, but when dealing with corporates, if the PHBs don't
like it, you can forget it.
I have no name suggestions at this time, but I will give it some
Hobbitmon, it not bad, but I think PHB's might be more receptive to

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