[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name change will happen

Tim McCloskey devzero at cox.net
Fri Aug 1 03:37:42 CEST 2008

Whatever amounts to the least amount of work for Henrik is perhaps best.
How about calling it hmon or henrikmon?  Or just call it hobbit :)
Yeah, I know, hobbitmon is likely a good choice...



If you trust wikipedia:

Hubbard, Greg L wrote:
> Okay, how about "Henrik's Most Excellent Server and Application and 
> Service Monitoring System with Many Contributions from the Shirefolk".
> Or "Henrik's Outstanding Big Brother Improvement Technologies" -- ( H. 
> O. B. B. I. T. )
> Or ... (I had better stop here!)
>     *From:* T.J. Yang [mailto:tj_yang at hotmail.com]
>     *Sent:* Thursday, July 31, 2008 4:27 PM
>     *To:* hobbit at hswn.dk
>     *Subject:* RE: [hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name
>     change will happen
>     I would suggest the new name should related the nature of system
>     monitoring more.
>     Make it easier to be understand the function of the software by just
>     reading its name.
>     This is actually a good chance to make the name right.
>     T.J. Yang
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