[hobbit] Why the next Hobbit release hasn't happened yet

T.J. Yang tj_yang at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 1 00:38:25 CEST 2008

> It would obviously be good to have more people involved in the
> programming.  One roadblock for this has been that the source code has

Please enable me (account name = tjyang) to be able to check in. I like to 
contribute some documenation stuff also.

> not been available in a public repository. That is about to change;
> I am working on setting up a Subversion repository for the Hobbit code
> on SourceForge. I am currently testing a dump/import of the RCS modules
> into Subversion, and if that looks to be OK I'll upload it to Sourceforge
> tomorrow. So by Monday, this should be available to anyone who wants to
> hack Hobbit. Documentation on how you use SVN (Subversion) on Sourceforge
> is available at SF(3).

I printed out all the hobbit manpages and bind them together as a book.
but no TOC,indexing,poor print quality etc make me decide to learn latex 
convert all the manpages into latex.

The quality of this book is in alpha stage better than the raw print out of 

You can see the book here


I will clean up the code the book source in once I have write permission.

I have no interest to copyright it(not contribution really,just some labor 
work). let me know or modify the copyright terms.

Overtime, I will put in more time on the programming side so I won't waste 
my past C.S. training.
Chap 17, is my effort to formalize the hb message protocol using BNF. the 
second time I use it since I took programming language class years ago.




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