[hobbit] strange graph behavior - random machines & graphs

Gary Baluha gumby3203 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 19:46:46 CET 2007

On Nov 30, 2007 1:38 PM, Josh Luthman <josh at imaginenetworksllc.com> wrote:

> This is on the hobbitd incoming messages service being watched, correct
> (judging by the screen capture)?  You said it started happening on two
> different servers but now it is happening on additional graphs; what data
> are these new graphs showing?

The log except was from rrd-status.rrd, so from the hobbitd_rrd process.  We
have two physically separate Hobbit servers, on two physically different and
non-connected networks.  Let's call one of them Hobbit A, and the other
Hobbit B.  I first noticed a few graphs on Hobbit A were showing artifacts.
This was happening for a few hosts, and of those hosts, only a few of their
trend graphs, and not always the same trend graphs across the different
hosts.  I then noticed that the same thing was happening on Hobbit B.  Now
it appears more graphs are being affected on Hobbit A (I don't know about
Hobbit B, as A has the most monitored hosts, and so I'm first concerned with
that machine).  Graphs that were previous unaffected are now being
affected.  They are all showing the same symptom.  That is, spikes of data
with the exact same number:
5177668251... (it's a very big number, at least 50 digits).
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