[hobbit] Hobbit professional support

HAMPL Pavel phampl at csob.cz
Fri Nov 30 17:08:40 CET 2007

exactly, I tried for example contact Nagios for support and got
immediatly list of companies and the price list ... 

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Tons of open source applications have professional support!  Look at
MySQL and Google!

On 11/30/07, Hubbard, Greg L < greg.hubbard at eds.com
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	Hmmm.  They will be using open-source software, probably running
on an open-source operating system on commodity-priced computer
equipment, and they want "professional" support?  Does a guy named
Dilbert work there, by chance?
	As good as Hobbit is, maybe you should recommend that they buy
the payware version of Big Brother from Quest, or go get one of the
other payware low end tools?  There are lots of monitoring solutions out
there that come with some form of support.  Orion from Solarwinds looks
pretty good on paper, but I have never used it.  There is also
SiteScope, Whats Up Gold, etc.  Lots of cheap tools that don't scale
very well, but are great for a small shop.
	Just my 0.02 monetary units -- I am laughing WITH you (I hope)
and not AT you...


		From: HAMPL Pavel [mailto:phampl at csob.cz ] 
		Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 9:17 AM
		To: hobbit at hswn.dk
		Subject: [hobbit] Hobbit professional support
		trying find any company which can provide professional
support for Hobbit but going nowhere after a week ...
		I am about to implement Hobbit, it is not a problem, the
pilot already in place, but the customer wants to have support what I
cannot do for him.
		Already emailed Cookitservices which is mentioned on the
Wiki Hobbit page but no answer. Also found this thread where the guy
offers it ( http://www.hswn.dk/hobbiton/2007/01/msg00292.html
<http://www.hswn.dk/hobbiton/2007/01/msg00292.html>  ) so emailed him
just today.
		Anyone knows about any other option? Afraid that the
customer does not go for Hobbit without possibility to have support.
		Pavel Hampl

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