[hobbit] Use several Hobbit on different place

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Further to this, if you want a display server running on the remote
sites (in case the WAN goes down for example) then you must setup the
secondary hobbit servers to run on localhost and get the proxy to
forward to both the main server and the localhost while listening on the
secondary server's external ipaddress.

This is what I do on most of our European sites and forward them to the
central hub. It means we have the data in two places by default.

The net location tags are very important if doing network tests at the
remote sites so that the main server doesn't try testing them as well. I
rsync the bb-hosts files from the remote servers with sub bb-host pages
on the main server.

Hope this is useful.


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>   Well, it's me again ;)  Maybe someone could show me a step-by-step
tutorial because the man page is great
> but I don't really see what I should do anyway ;) Thanks by advance

OK. I take it you have your main BB server up and running? Good!

Install the hobbit server onto the secondary boxes. Once it is installed

Do not start it!

go into the server/etc/ directory of you new hobbit installation. Edit 
the file hobbitlaunch.cfg. Look for bbproxy. There you will find these 

# "bbproxy" is the Hobbit proxy server that allows you to forward status

# from a protected network to your Hobbit server. It is not enabled by 
# since it would conflict with the hobbitd task.
# If you need to run this, then disabled hobbitd and the hobbitd-modules
# above, then enable this. Make sure you enter the IP-address of your
# Hobbit server in the command-line, so that the proxy knows where to 
# status messages.

Follow them :)

As a side note, do you want the proxy servers to do network tests? If so

then you will want to use the  NET:location tag in bb-hosts to seperate 
the client machines.



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