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Wed Nov 28 07:01:44 CET 2007

Hi Henrik 

I would like to propose a possible new feature.
In the hobbit-clients.cfg on the server, we can specify default
threshholds for most things, but the selection is based on hostname.

Is there a way to specify the machine architecture as an identifier.
(uname -n

To give an example, I run a mixed bag of Sun T2000, V440, V490, and
X4?00 servers.
Because of what we are running on each server type, we find a large run
queue on the T2000 is quite normal, but on one of the others, we expect
a very small run queue.
Instead of defining runqueue threshhold per host name, it would be nice
to have a ARCH option which could be overridden by the HOST 

So we could define

ARCH=x86_64			# Linux
	LOAD 5.0 10

ARCH=i86pc			# Solaris on x86
	LOAD 6  12

ARCH=SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise   # A solaris 10 zone
	LOAD 8	   12

ARCH=SUNW,Sun-Fire-V490	 # A Sun V490
	LOAD 6   9

ARCH=SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200	# A T2000 reports as T200 - don't ask!
	LOAD 15   25

However, if further down the list we had a HOST server01 we could
redefine the LOAD, despite it being a T2000.

	LOAD 10    15

The utility of this would mean I don't have to define every host
inividually, but 
Of course, we could also use the same definitions for OS as returned by
uname -s
SunOS, Linux etc. (I see you use this in the client scripts)
It would be nice to have that flexibility in the configs.


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