[hobbit] Hobbit 4.3 running on VMWare causes interesting hanging...

Oliver Grube oliver_grube at campbellsoup.com
Mon Nov 26 15:31:43 CET 2007

Hi Henrik!

Thanks for your fast response!

Unfortunately, they have rebooted the server in the meantime and hobbit
looks like running again - or not?
This is, what you have requested:
server:~ # pstree -a -u hobbit
  +-bbtest-net --report --ping --checkresponse
  ¦   +-sh -c traceroute\04010.170.1.254\0402>&1
  ¦       +-traceroute
  +-hobbitd --pidfile=/var/log/hobbit/hobbitd.pid
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=stachg --log=/var/log/hobbit/history.log
  ¦   +-hobbitd_history
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=clichg --log=/var/log/hobbit/hostdata.log
  ¦   +-hobbitd_hostdat
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=notes --log=/var/log/hobbit/notes.log
hobbitd_filestore --notes
  ¦   +-hobbitd_filesto --notes
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=page --log=/var/log/hobbit/page.log
hobbitd_alert ...
  ¦   +-hobbitd_alert --checkpoint-file=/home/hobbit/server/tmp/alert.chk
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=status --log=/var/log/hobbit/rrd-status.log
hobbitd_rrd --rrddir=/home/hobbit/data/rrd
  ¦   +-hobbitd_rrd --rrddir=/home/hobbit/data/rrd
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=data --log=/var/log/hobbit/rrd-data.log
hobbitd_rrd --rrddir=/home/hobbit/data/rrd
  ¦   +-hobbitd_rrd --rrddir=/home/hobbit/data/rrd
  +-hobbitd_channel --channel=client --log=/var/log/hobbit/clientdata.log
sh -c...
  +-vmstat 300 2
sh -c...
  +-vmstat 300 2
sh -c...
  +-vmstat 300 2
sh -c...
  +-vmstat 300 2
sh -c...
  +-vmstat 300 2
server:~ #
=> shows only "Setup complete" entries everytime, we restarted the server.
Nothing else, beside some "Oversize page/ack/notify msg " and "Oversize
status msg from" which didn't (by the date) seams to be related.
2007-11-26 15:01:40 Setup complete

=> There is something interesting:
007-11-26 11:32:50 Setting up hobbitd channels
2007-11-26 11:32:50 Setting up logfiles
2007-11-26 14:58:44 hobbitlaunch starting
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Loading tasklist configuration from
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Loading hostnames
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Loading saved state
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Setting up network listener on
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Setting up local listener
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Setting up signal handlers
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Setting up hobbitd channels
2007-11-26 14:58:44 FATAL: hobbitd sees clientcount 1, should be 0
Check for hanging hobbitd_channel processes or stale semaphores
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Cannot setup status channel
2007-11-26 14:58:44 Task hobbitd terminated, status 1

And this is straight after a reboot of the server...

A misconfiguration?
What did I wrong?

mit freundlichen Grüßen - Best regards
Hälsningar - Met vriendelijke groeten
Sincères salutations

Oliver Grube
EU Security&Controls Manager

Campbellsoup Company
Tel.: +49 451/ 5306-226
Fax: +49 451/ 5306-356

             Henrik Stoerner                                               
             <henrik at hswn.dk>                                              
             2007-11-26 15:08          hobbit at hswn.dk                      
             Please respond to                                     Subject 
              hobbit at hswn.dk           Re: [hobbit] Hobbit 4.3 running on  
                                       VMWare causes interesting           

On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 02:38:16PM +0100, Oliver Grube wrote:
> since a long time, I run hobbit on a VM-Ware cluster. Works very well in
> the past. However, the serverguys have updated the VM-Ware to 3.something
> and also reinstall the VM-Ware drivers on the Suse Linux 10.1...
> Since a while now, hobbit stops working several times a day...
> The system looks like this:
> ps aux...

Not easy to read. Could you show me a "ps f -u hobbit" or
"pstree -a -u hobbit", please ?

As far as I can tell, there is not "hobbitlaunch" or "hobbitd" process
running. Have you checked the hobbitd.log and hobbitlaunch.log files?


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