progress on bb replacement

Joe Sloan joe at
Thu Nov 22 20:46:29 CET 2007

Hello list,

We're still moving forward on our hobbit testing, and have pointed some
unix bb clients to the hobbit servers, with excellent results. I'm still
finding my way around hobbit, but I was able to modify the external
scripts template to test a remote mysql server without too much problem,
and I'm happy with the results.

As for the failover, the scripts Henrik quickly contributed are good,
but I'm really thinking that the distributed alerting mechanism in the
next hobbit release is exactly what we're looking for, so hopefully that
will be soon.

The only real hole left is the snmp traps that bb sends out along with
every email alert. Our company relies on the snmp traps sent from bb to
netcool to provide official notification of issues. All we really need
is some sort of external package which could send an snmp trap along
with every single email alert that's sent. Does anybody here have such a
setup working? hints? clue-by-four?

Happy Thanksgiving,


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