[hobbit] RE: **Caution-External**: RE: [hobbit] monitoring files and messages-newbie

Perumal, Santoshbabu santoshbabu_perumal at platts.com
Wed Nov 14 17:35:02 CET 2007

      my problem on viewing files has not been resolved yet.u can see
the list of files if i click any of the files to view it is popping up
new window saying 
   do you want to save this file
      Type  :Unknown File Type
       From :nypplweblogs.platts.mcgraw-hill.com     
.my hobbit-clients.cfg file
    FILE /var/adm/sa/sar* TRACK=sarlog
my hobbit-client.cfg file
file:`ls -t -1 /var/adm/sa/sar*`

 what could be the problem?please advice on this

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