[hobbit] fallback alert service

Josh Luthman josh at imaginenetworksllc.com
Wed Nov 14 16:22:19 CET 2007

I've used the txt.att.com for a couple of years and not once missed any
alerts or notifications of voicemail.  I really can't help you beyond this
point.  Though I would yell at my mobile provider if that was my situation!


On 11/14/07, Joost van den Broek <joost at seat-ibiza.nl> wrote:
> Well, that's not my problem. I indeed use the email2sms gateway from my
> mobile provider, and that's also exactly my problem. I'm monitoring the
> MX servers of this gateway and they, unfortunately, go down too often.
> That's why it would be nice if there could be some dependency system on
> the alerts, so in case these servers are down it will use another
> address / script. I guess this could be scripted completely (external
> from Hobbit), but why not use Hobbit's ability to determine which
> gateway servers are/aren't available for alerting?
> Joost
> Josh Luthman schreef:
> > What myself and others do is use things like 9371231234 at txt.att.com
> > <mailto:9371231234 at txt.att.com> or whatever it is for your cell
> > phone.  Just a quick Google =)
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