[hobbit] fallback alert service

Joost van den Broek joost at seat-ibiza.nl
Wed Nov 14 15:48:08 CET 2007

Well, that's not my problem. I indeed use the email2sms gateway from my 
mobile provider, and that's also exactly my problem. I'm monitoring the 
MX servers of this gateway and they, unfortunately, go down too often. 
That's why it would be nice if there could be some dependency system on 
the alerts, so in case these servers are down it will use another 
address / script. I guess this could be scripted completely (external 
from Hobbit), but why not use Hobbit's ability to determine which 
gateway servers are/aren't available for alerting?


Josh Luthman schreef:
> What myself and others do is use things like 9371231234 at txt.att.com 
> <mailto:9371231234 at txt.att.com> or whatever it is for your cell 
> phone.  Just a quick Google =)

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