[hobbit] hobbit security transmission

Hubbard, Greg L greg.hubbard at eds.com
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If you search the archive, you will find some conversations about this,
including posts from Henrik regarding why he has not implemented it, and
what some of the issues are regarding encryption.  It turns out to be a
fairly complicated issue.
Some folks did say that they were using tunneling successfully, but this
is done outside of the Hobbit technology itself.  Unless I dreamed all


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	Damn clever idea!  Please let us know if that works or not!
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		        Is there any way to encrypt data transmitted
from the Hobbit
		Client to the Hobbit Server?
		        Currently, if someone put a sniffer on the
network will have 
		access to all information transmitted, as they are in
plain text.
		disclaimer: i still haven't tried hobbit, i'm lurking
the list to get a 
		better feel of it.
		so, after getting this disclaimer out of the way, i'm
guessing the
		easiest way to get this going is by using something like
		(www.stunnel.org ) or openssh port forwarding
(www.openssh.com). both
		work with most tcp based apps and have been used by us
in various
		// nick
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