[hobbit] hobbit security transmission

nick.nauwelaerts at thomson.com nick.nauwelaerts at thomson.com
Tue Nov 13 09:13:38 CET 2007

	From: Eduard Michels [mailto:emichels at quicksoft.com.br] 
	Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 14:02
	To: hobbit at hswn.dk
	Subject: [hobbit] hobbit security transmission
	Is there any way to encrypt data transmitted from the Hobbit
Client to the Hobbit Server?
	Currently, if someone put a sniffer on the network will have
access to all information transmitted, as they are in plain text.

disclaimer: i still haven't tried hobbit, i'm lurking the list to get a
better feel of it.

so, after getting this disclaimer out of the way, i'm guessing the
easiest way to get this going is by using something like stunnel
(www.stunnel.org) or openssh port forwarding (www.openssh.com). both
work with most tcp based apps and have been used by us in various

// nick

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