[hobbit] reporting

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Wed Nov 7 23:38:30 CET 2007

On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 02:19:08PM -0600, Larry Barber wrote:
> What would it take to get the availability and snapshot reports to behave
> the same way the event log, configuration and  metrics report do when
> invoked from other than the top page? That is, when invoked from a given
> page only the servers listed on that page, or below, would be included in
> the report. I work in a data center that has several different customers who
> would like to use these reports, but we cannot let them since they would be
> able to view data for other peoples machines.

It would take some major reworking of the report generator, which is the
same program that generates the regular Hobbit overall status webpages.
This is the absolutely oldest part of Hobbit (it dates back to version
1.0 of Hobbit's predecessor, bbgen) - 5 years old on Nov 22nd.

In my "master plan" I would like to rip out these static webpages, and
have everything generated dynamically, which would make this a very
simple thing to do.

Meanwhile, what I've done at work - we have the exact same issue as You
do - is to pre-generate reports with daily, weekly and monthly
availability figures. Thanks to some Apache group-access controls I can
then restrict peoples access to only those pages that they are allowed
to see - it goes like this:

<DirectoryMatch /var/lib/hobbit/www/periodic/(daily|weekly|monthly)/.*/Customer1>
   Require group admins customer1

"admins" is ourselves, we can access everything. "customer1" is an
Apache group, which then holds the web logins that the customer uses.

Combined with putting these menu items in the "menu_items.js" file

  ['Daily Availability', 'http://hobbit.foo.com/hobbit-cgi/bb-datepage.sh?type=day'],
  ['Weekly Availability', 'http://hobbit.foo.com/hobbit-cgi/bb-datepage.sh?type=week'],
  ['Monthly Availability', 'http://hobbit.foo.com/hobbit-cgi/bb-datepage.sh?type=month'],

you get the result than when you pick one of these pre-built availability
reports from a web page, you're automatically directed to the same
customer page.


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