attn Henrik -- do_vmstat.c and AIX 5.3 DLPAR fix

Kauffman, Tom KauffmanT at
Mon Nov 5 20:40:35 CET 2007

I beat on this a while Friday and got nowhere - and then I decided I was
trying to fix the wrong spot. 


Since AIX seems to be the only OS that includes decimal fractions in the
vmstat output, I fixed the script. The attached
patch makes two changes.


1) reduce the vmstat count to 1; AIX 5.3 (and 5.2, I think) no longer
dump an immediate overview and then an accumulation for the time
specified. Vmstat provides the two values requested at the time delay
specified, so vmstat 300 2 gives two five-minute accumulations for a
total of ten minutes of run time.


2) use sed to copy the vmstat temporary output to the final output,
stripping all periods out as it goes.



The graph definitions need to be updated to do a divide by 10 for cpu_ec
and a divide by 100 for cpu_pc to offset the default multiplication that
occurs by stripping the decimal.


(I *think* I got the syntax correct for making the patch - never done it


Tom Kauffman


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