[hobbit] big brother replacement

Sloan joe at tmsusa.com
Mon Nov 5 20:31:46 CET 2007

Ralph Mitchell wrote:
> In your original email you said:
>    "only one of the bb servers does reporting, as determined by the
> failover state"
> Does that mean only one of the two sends out notifications??  If so,
> why not just have two identical Hobbit servers, with all the clients
> sending reports to both, and disable the [bbpage] section in
> server/etc/hobbitlaunch.cfg on the backup system.  Then your failover
> solution only has to detect "death of twin" and rewrite the
> hobbitlaunch.cfg with DISABLED removed from that section.  I guess
> Hobbit might need to be reloaded or restarted for the change to take
> effect.
> I haven't tried this - we don't use the paging system - I'm just
> wondering if something as simple as that might work.
Yes, that approach has merit, it could work.

However I still need to give Henrik's quick solution from last week some
testing - I'm currently building a hobbit infrastructure so I can see
how his failover script behaves under pressure.


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