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Josh Luthman josh at
Sat Nov 3 19:57:50 CET 2007

What I am trying to do is have two BBDisplay servers.  The first one being
our main one - monitors our network equipment and things - and a second one
that lives on the customer's network and pings APs, Switches, etc.

I have setup this in bb-hosts on the main one:

page HIXX Holiday Inn X X
group-compress <H3><I>Access Points</I></H3> # noconn

group-compress <H3><I>HIDM Hardware</I></H3> # noconn

Reason for the noconn is that these are all private IPs, accessible only by
the customer's LAN.  These configuration match those of the customer's
bb-hosts (with the exception of noconn, of course =)

I then went into the customer's server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg and changed it
as such:


I have also tried it without quotes

When I set this neither BBDisplay has anything on the www pages, they're
completely blank!  Once I switch it to

BBDISP="$BBSERVERIP"            # IP of a single hobbit/bbd server

It works perfectly fine on the customer's server, but the main one is
display blank (obviously =)

Please let me know where I went wrong.  Thanks in advance!


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