[hobbit] big brother replacement

Ryan Jay B. Lapuz rlapuz at fcpp.fujitsu.com
Sat Nov 3 07:27:42 CET 2007

Hi Henrick,

I just setup a backup server for our primary hobbit server yesterday that 
was inspired by this:

>From Henrick:
> I run two completely separate systems in parallel, and have the clients
> report to both of them. The system at our disaster center has the paging
> module disabled (just disable the [bbpage] section in hobbitlaunch.cfg),
> to avoid double alerts - it is simple to activate it, if necessary. --  
> ((manual I think))

Now that is my current setup, however you just created a failover script 
which will make the failover transition automatic.The concept is just the 
same but,  is the clients will still report to both HB servers if there is 
no failover?

Thanks and regards,

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> Hi Joe,
> On Thu, Nov 01, 2007 at 03:20:12PM -0700, Sloan wrote:
>> So, the $64 question: Is there anything in hobbit, or on the horizon,
>> which will allow hobbit to serve as a drop-in replacement for bb,
>> including the failover capability?
> The BB "failover" script does two things: It makes the network tests
> run on the failover server if the primary BBNET server cannot be
> ping'ed; and it enables alerts being sent from the failover server
> if there is no connection from the failover server to the primary
> BBPAGER server.
> The network-test failover is fairly simple to do. I've attached two
> scripts here, both of which must run on the backup/standby/failover
> server:
> 1) failover.sh - goes in ~hobbit/server/ext/
>   Add a section to hobbitlaunch.cfg with
>      [failovercheck]
> ENVFILE /usr/lib/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
> NEEDS hobbitd
> CMD $BBHOME/ext/failover.sh hobbitnet.mydom.com
>   "" is the IP of your primary Hobbit server,
>   "hobbitnet.mydom.com" is the hostname (in the bb-hosts file) of the
>   primary network test machine.
>   What this does is that it queries the primary Hobbit server for how
>   long ago the network tests were updated. If more than 7 minutes ago
>   it deems the primary network test node to be DOWN, and flags this via
>   the file $BBTMP/primarynetDOWN. If the network test update was less
>   than 7 minutes ago, it removes the file.
>   This is then used by the other script, which replaces the CMD in the
>   "[bbnet]" section in hobbitlaunch.cfg.
> 2) failovernet.sh - goes in ~hobbit/server/ext/
>   When this runs to do the normal network tests, it will check for the
>   presence of the $BBTMP/primarynetDOWN file. If this file exists, it
>   picks up the IP of the primary Hobbit server from the file, and
>   modifies the settings to report data to both the normal (local)
>   Hobbit server, and to the primary server. If the file does not exist,
>   it will just run the network tests the normal way.
>   So to run this, modify the [bbnet] section in hobbitlaunch.cfg and
>   change the CMD setting to "$BBHOME/server/ext/failovernet.sh"
> The alert failover is different, because Hobbit doesn't have a separate
> BBPAGER server - alerts are sent from the same host that handles the
> Hobbit data collection and webpages. A solution to this has been
> implemented for the next release, where the alerting module can be
> distributed onto multiple servers, but only one of them will send alerts
> at any given time.
> Regards,
> Henrik


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