[hobbit] Installing Hobbit on OS/X

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Fri Nov 2 23:00:51 CET 2007

At 02:37 PM 11/2/2007, Evan Platt wrote:
>This is installing the server. :)
>I don't have the install CD - this is a second hand computer to me :(
> From what it looks like, whatever command the configure is passing 
> to head isn't liked. but that's my guess...


# grep head configure.server
MAKEVER=`$MAKE -version 2>&1 | head -n 1 | awk '{print $1 " " $2}'`

This help anyone? Sounds like a difference between the head for OS/X 
and the head on another O/S?

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