[hobbit] big brother replacement

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Fri Nov 2 16:47:11 CET 2007

On Friday 02 November 2007 17:07:28 Tod Hansmann wrote:
> For posterity:
> We use mrtg to do all our SNMP polling (I know devmon is the popular
> solution hear, but it's messy and so multi-filed so we have a bad taste
> for it)

Would you like to expand on what's wrong with devmon? The problem I have with 
mrtg/cacti etc. is that they *only* do trends, which is half the job. I have 
got interface graphs (as well as temperature for Dell and HP servers) 
working, and there is very little that our cacti installation is doing that I 
still need to have available on devmon.


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