do_vmstat.c and AIX 5 LPAR again

Kauffman, Tom KauffmanT at
Fri Nov 2 16:48:49 CET 2007

Henrik --

I've been looking at do_vmstat.c again, and while part of the problem
I'm having with cpu_pc is from the format string used to populate the
rrd, the REAL problem comes from the atoi conversion of all the incoming
values before checking to see what OS has provided them.

In an AIX 5.x DLPAR environment, cpu_pc will range from 0.01 (lowest
possible value, one hundredth of a physical cpu) to 16.00 (all sixteen
cpus in the system). For the vast majority of systems this value will be
less than 2.00, with a very large number of systems reporting less than
1.00 on a normal basis. Dropping the decimal fraction is just not an

Tom Kauffman
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