[hobbit] big brother replacement

Sloan joe at tmsusa.com
Fri Nov 2 01:05:03 CET 2007

Josh Luthman wrote:
> That would be relative to Hobbit's bbtest I believe - someone correct
> me if I'm wrong, I'm just guessing here!
> I don't see any reason to think that script wouldn't work with some
> variable changes like BBNET=`$GREP BBNET $BBHOSTS | $GREP "^[0-9]" |
> $GREP -v "^\#"` but I am not an expert by any means!

Well, depending on what I hear on this list in the next day or so,
taking a crack at adapting the old bb failover script may be my best

> Getting back to the version 3.3 - after 1.9btf Quest starting selling
> the product.  I don't know the exact history behind it but 1.9btf is
> what you get without paying for anything.  I have worked with and
> continue to monitor a network with 3.1 or 3.2 (they decided to revert
> from 3.3 as it looks quite a bit different on the BBDISPLAY) and I
> honestly don't see what they've changed between 1.9 and 3.2.  Most of
> the features of BB I heard of or read were not only already in Hobbit
> but were even better then what I had heard.  Not to mention the dozens
> of BB scripts that can be relatively painless to migrate.

Ah, interesting - I always had the feeling that quest didn't do much of
anything with the code except put in some verbiage and legal warnings,
and tried to push their own proprietary and non linux-friendly stuff and
left the bb code base to slowly decay.


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