[hobbit] New to Hobbit --- file monitoring

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Thu Nov 1 22:01:59 CET 2007

On Thursday 01 November 2007, Josh Luthman wrote:
> I've compiled my server and client from source.  I know the client is
> reporting to my server as it reports the cpu/load/disk/etc just fine.
> At the bottom of my /home/shire/server/etc/hobbit-clients.cfg
> HOST="%myhost.foo.bar" #also tried it without the %, i know that my BBD had
> %, not sure what it means =)
>   FILE "/etc/passwd" GREEN NOEXIST TRACK
> I still get "no files checked after two rewrites of the page.
In config file server/etc/client-local.cfg you specify what logfile the client 
will report to the server.  You have to add a section for your client to it.  
Once the client picks this up (to be sure restart the hobbit server and wait 
at least 10 minutes), the msgs column should be green and the logfile should 
appear on it.
Once this works, you can change hobbit-clients.cfg so the server knows the 
yellow and green conditions.


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