New to Hobbit --- file monitoring

Scott Mohnkern mohnkern at
Thu Nov 1 21:09:36 CET 2007

When all else fails, nuke it and start over.  I did an apt-get remove
hobbit, and then a dpkg -- purge.  Then I removed any files I could find.
Then I downloaded the Ubuntu deb file and installed it.  It put the
configuration files in /etc/hobbit and it started fine

I edited /etc/hobbit/hobbit-clients.cfg and added the following line:

PROC ntpd 1 99 green "TEXT=NTPD is up"

Restarted hobbit, and in a few minutes, it started reporting as expected.

Then I added:

PORT "LOCAL=%(:8888)" TEXT="Gnump is up"

To the same file, (/etc/hobbit/hobbit-clients.cfg) and restared hobbit.

A few minutes later, the ports section started reporting, as expected.

(Though I realize that its a bit off, which I need to fix)

Then I added:

FILE /etc/passwd GREEN NOEXIST track

Reading the documentation inside hobbit-clients.cfg I edited
/etc/hobbit/client-local.cfg and added the following line:

restarted hobbit, waited 5 minutes.  No luck.

I'm pretty convinced that either:

1. the format of the line  in /etc/hobbit/client-local.cfg or
/etc/hobbit/hobbit-clients.cfg is incorrect, or
2. There's something else I need to edit.
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