[hobbit] New to Hobbit --- file monitoring

Scott Mohnkern mohnkern at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 20:01:45 CET 2007

Okay, did a file search for hobbit-clients.cfg and found:


Then looked in that file and found:

mohnkern at Casa-Scott:/etc/hobbit$ grep FILE hobbit-clients.cfg
#    FILE   : Changes the "files" status according to meta-data for files.
#    FILE filename [color] [things to check] [TRACK]

There's also a hobbit-clients.cfg in /usr/lib/hobbit/server/etc     The
entry is there as well.

However, at the hobbit screen, the file entry is still coming up grey, and
"no files being checked"


On 11/1/07, Stef Coene <stef.coene at docum.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 October 2007, Scott Mohnkern wrote:
> > Thanks, this was the critical piece of information I was missing.  There
> > are client configuration files in /etc/hobbit that I was editing, and
> > clearly they aren't the correct ones.  I need to edit the ones in
> > /usr/lib/hobbit/client.
> >
> > Back to editing what I hope is the correct config file.  I should be
> able
> > to put
> >
> > FILE "/etc/passwd" GREEN NOEXIST TRACK
> >  in ~/usr/lib/hobbit/client/etc/hobbit-clients.cfg
> >
> > and then start the hobbit client with /usr/lib/hobbit/runclient.sh start
> >
> >  and get reporting, yes?
> No,  this has to go in the hobbit-clients.cfg file on the _server_.  The
> server receives the data from the client (including the log file
> information)
> and needs to know what to do with it.
> Before the client sends file information to the server, you need to
> configure
> client-local.cfg on the _server_.
> So all configuration is done on the server.
> If the client and the server is the same machine, it can be tricky to find
> the
> right config file.  If you install the hobbit server from source, all
> files
> are placed in the same sub directory so it is clear to know what's the
> server
> and what's the client.
> Stef
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