hobbit-clients.cfg default question

McGraw, Robert P. rmcgraw at purdue.edu
Tue Jan 31 21:44:26 CET 2006

In the hobbit-clients.cfg it says this about the default

#    DEFAULT: Set the default values that apply if no other rules match.

So I added a line

	PROC sendmail 0 0

And in on of my clients entry I have 

	PROC sendmail 2 10

I want all my clients to signal if there is a sendmail running except for my
mail server hostname.

Yet I get two entries for sendmail one for the default and one for the
HOST=. On the mail server one sendmail is blinking read and one is green.

Is this the wrong way to use the DEFAULT or am I doing something wrong?


Robert P. McGraw, Jr.
Manager, Computer System                 EMAIL: rmcgraw at purdue.edu
Purdue University                         ROOM: MATH-807
Department of Mathematics                PHONE: (765) 494-6055
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